Unified merchandise
sourcing management

CBX Sourcing

Streamline the global merchandise sourcing process across all product categories.


Suppliers’ Showroom.

A single place for your suppliers to upload their latest collections and for you to see all their products.

Buyers’ Showroom.

Showcase your collections to buyers in a beautiful online showroom accessible anywhere over the web or mobile app.

Quotation Management.

Request quotes and track suppliers’ quote submissions. Automatically calculate landed costs.

Responsible Sourcing.

Cross-reference suppliers’ historical performance and compliance status prior to quotation selection.

Sample Management.

Request samples and track their whereabouts. Online forms to document and track sample approvals.

Time & Action Calendar.

A common tool for everyone to update progress and get visibility into seasonal sourcing.

Simplified handling of quotations, cost calculations and comparisons.

Simplified handling quotations, cost calculations/comparisons workflow
Reduced manual efforts by moving away from emails/spreadsheets

Drastically reduced manual efforts by moving away from emails and spreadsheets.

Avoid products sourced from non-compliant suppliers.

Avoid products sourced from non-compliant suppliers, generate ESG report for legal and compliance issues
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